The Holt’s Cigar Model and Example

Holt’s Cigars has a large warehouse/distribution center on Townsend Road with a nice retail store and smoking lounge with a humidity-controlled store walk-in humidor, a relaxing ounge to smoke just purchased cigars in and a knowledgeable staff that will explain everything about cigars to you.

It will be extremely easy for the Parkwood Pot Plant to add a storefront and smoking lounge the day Pot becomes legal in Pennsylvania or sometime thereafter.  Obviously whoever is the owner at the time will want to maximize their income and return-on-investment and generate as much revenue as possible.

Holt’s doesn’t grow their tobacco but the Parkwood Pot Plant will be able to advertise themselves as having the freshest Pot anywhere in the Philadelphia area since they grow it themselves.

Here’s what the nearby Holt’s looks like: