Parkwood Pot Plant In the News


Snider family company details proposed medical-marijuana facility in Northeast Philly

In Northeast, a neighborhood’s angst over proposed pot facility in their back yard

Ed Snider’s daughter on investing in what helped her dad: Medical marijuana

Here’s the key question from this article if you’re concerned with pot in your neighborhood since it starts as medical marijuana then moves into fully legal pot:

Q. Do you expect recreational marijuana to be legalized in Pennsylvania anytime soon?  A. I know there’s a lot of people who would like to see that. And they’d like it sooner more than later. While that may be desirable, I don’t think the state will do that until they get comfortable. States usually start with medical marijuana and with stringent rules. As they become more comfortable and see it run smoothly, they’ll relax.

Pot of Gold: Tycoons and others are in frenzied race to win Pa. medical marijuana licenses

From the Northeast Times:

Snider family unveils plans for massive marijuana facility

Local civic group approves plans for NE marijuana facility

From Philadelphia Magazine

Snider Family Plans Marijuana Farm in Far Northeast