From “Medical” to Fully Legal and Open to the Public

Ed Snider’s daughter on investing in what helped her dad: Medical marijuana

Q. Do you expect recreational marijuana to be legalized in Pennsylvania anytime soon?

A. I know there’s a lot of people who would like to see that. And they’d like it sooner more than later. While that may be desirable, I don’t think the state will do that until they get comfortable. States usually start with medical marijuana and with stringent rules. As they become more comfortable and see it run smoothly, they’ll relax.

If there’s any doubt that Pot will be fully legal sooner rather than later (again, this site is not about the legalization of Pot but that a Pot Plant will be in the backyard of the Parkwood neighborhood), see these articles from March 6, 2016!!!

Pa. Auditor General: State Should Legalize Marijuana
Two local elected officials, state Sen. Daylin Leach and state Rep. Jordan Harris, are also pushing pot legalization bills.

Pa. auditor general: Time for state to get on board ‘marijuana train’

Pa. auditor general: Legalize pot to close budget gap

Could legalizing marijuana be a solution to Pa.’s budget woes?

Pennsylvania Auditor Wants to Close Budget Gap by Legalizing Marijuana

This PA State Senator has been proposing it for years:

Under the terms of Senate Bill 528, marijuana would be a regulated product, treated similarly to alcohol.