For Profit Business that Want to Make as Much Money as Possible Selling Marijuana

First of all, to be clear, neither the estate of Ed Snider, the late founder of the Philadelphia Flyers nor the Philadelphia Flyers nor Comcast Spectacor nor Comcast SportsNet are associated with sell or growing marijuana in Pennsylvania.

The people involved are Lindy Snider, Jay Snider and Jay’s son Jamie Snider

There is nothing “wrong” with being in the Pot business to make money but the point and the problem with the proposed site on McNulty Road in Parkwood is that either the Snider’s or some other big cannabis company who buys them out will want to maximize their revenue and profits but opening a retail pot storefront (which will initially be called a nice sounding name like “dispensary” but will eventually just be a pot store) and smoking lounge just like Holt’s Cigars already has.  Even if pot is available in other local stores, say even the Parkwood Shopping Center, this Pot Place will draw people from many miles because they’ll be able to market themselves as having the freshest Pot in all of southeastern Pennsylvania since they grow it in the back!!!  Again, the problem is that particular use on that particular site since, due to the Poquessing Creek Trail which connects McNulty Road to Dunks Ferry Road, this Pot Place will literally be bringing drugs to our backyards, playground, school, church, soccer and baseball fields.

Ed Snider’s daughter on investing in what helped her dad: Medical marijuana

It’s a solid business decision.


Lindy Snider is embracing Pennsylvania’s nascent medical marijuana industry in a big way — and believes her late father, the Philadelphia sports and business icon Ed Snider, would have done the same.

 “I know he would have,” Lindy Snider, who wants to build a 125,000-square-foot cannabis growing facility in Northeast Philadelphia, said this week. “And not just because of the health benefits. It’s a solid business decision. This would have appealed to him on so many different levels.”
Lindy  Snider says in this article  –  Kind Financial Secures Second Round of Funding to Implement Financial Solutions Platform for the Cannabis Industry that the  “The revenue potential for the industry is boundless.”
 They are literally calling it a “Pot of Gold” and many of the Country’s rich people are trying to get in on the drug dealing.  Again, the main point here for Parkwood’s residents, is that when Pot becomes fully legal they will try to make as much money as possible and open a retail store and smoking lounge which, because of the Poquessing Creek Trail, will be in our backyard.