Crime All Around Us

All Pot Plants tout their security but crime will just be a fact of life when drugs are involved.  All of Parkwood needs to be concerned about this but since a lot of the crime will probably not go through the front door along McNulty Road but rather through the back door (i.e. the woods and the Poquessing Creek Trail, Junod Playground, the soccer fields, the Parkwood Youth Org. area, St. Anselm’s school) everybody along Dunks Ferry Road, Chilton Road, Wyndom Road and Fedor Road should probably pay extra attention! Here’s a running list of marijuana farm related crimes:

Masked intruders hit legal marijuana grow — first violent crime at licensed pot farm

5 workers sought after owner of California marijuana farm is found beaten to death

Sixth person arrested in fatal beating of Mendocino County pot farm operator

Man Accused of Fatally Beating Pot Farm Operator Surrenders to Authorities at California-Mexico Border

fire likely sparked at the site of a marijuana farm and that the farm owner has ties to a medical marijuana dispensary

150 pounds of pot stolen in pot farm burglary

Gunfire exchanged during break-in at pot farm

Marijuana farm robbery suspects at large … “she eventually learned that the police manhunt was too close for comfort.”