Clarity on the Parkwood Article

A little clarity needs to be made about the recent article – In Northeast, a neighborhood’s angst over proposed pot facility in their back yard – because it conflates two issues: (1) Were we as a community fully informed and did we have the time to vet and fully think about such a big issue for Parkwood since the initial announcement (mostly through closed Facebook groups) and approval by the Civic was made in only two days (Feb. 14th & 15th)? and (2) the issue discussed on this site namely; now that we are aware of it are we prepared to risk the high possiblitity that one day marijuana is fully legal and it’s potentially sold and/or smoked there and, because of the Poquessing Creek Trail’s easy access, this is potentially directly in our neighborhood.

Regarding the first point, it’s obvious that most of the Parkwood community was unaware of the issue at least until after this article that was posted on AFTER the Civic already approved (and subsequently sent a letter to the State saying so) and this is a major problem.  It’s also obvious that this issue shouldn’t have been initially brought up and voted on in just one night!  We should have taken in the information, disseminated it with the community at large, discussed and thought about among each other and “voted” on it later (say the April PCA meeting).  We all acknowledge that nobody has to get our approval to build there and that Lindy Snider was gracious in coming to the meeting in Feb. to explain what’s going but “A top criterion for consideration is the proposed facility’s impact on the surrounding community” so we have a say and shouldn’t be coward and dismissed and roll up into a ball in the corner if we have any concerns about the potential future impact of a marijuana growing facility in our community.

Regarding the second point, the one thing the article doesn’t make perfectly clear is that our new Poquessing Creek Trail is what connects this (with all it’s potential problems) directly to our neighborhood.  This website thoroughly discusses this second point which is a main concern however many people are rightly concerned with the potential for crime even though it’s expected to have good security.  See this page for the crimes that are occurring at other “secure” marijuana facilities: Crime All Around Us