Asides and Rants

Remember, this website is NOT about the legalization of Pot, the efficacy of medical marijuana or whether or not the proposed site should be developed. The purpose of this website is to oppose the development of that particular site (or any on McNulty Road) for that particular use however I have the following questions and thoughts that may be somewhat cynical but I think are interesting:

Question: Why propose a marijuana manufacturing plant in the midst of an established residential area when there are literally thousands of more rural uncontested sites available throughout southeastern Pennsylvania?

Answer: Because you are a smart business person who has thoroughly studied the marijuana business and knows that the nation-wide trend is for the eventual full legalization and, if you have a pot growing facility, it will cost next to nothing to add a small storefront and lounge and market yourself as having the freshest pot available since you grow it in the back!  You then don’t want to be “in the middle of nowhere” but rather you want to be in a location that is near an already heavily populated area.

Question: Since it’s well established that smoking tobacco causes cancer isn’t smoking cannabis also going to cause cancer?

Answer:  The process of getting pot fully legal so that it can help people get rich starts with “selling” it for medical use then gradually getting full acceptance and making it legal throughout the Country regardless of whether or not more people then get cancer caused by cannabis.  Ironically the very thing people are using for the short term to ease their cancer winds up in the long term to cause cancer.