They are proposing a medical marijuana manufacturing plant on McNulty Road in the Parkwood neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia at the very end of the Poquessing Creek Trail that directly connects Dunks Ferry Road to McNulty Road in a short walk.   This website is NOT about the legalization of Pot, the efficacy of medical marijuana or whether or not the proposed site should be developed.  The purpose of this website is to oppose the development of that particular site (or any on McNulty Road) for that particular use for the following reasoning:

1.  In the very near future Pot in Pennsylvania will become fully legal (see all the evidence here);
2.  Whoever the owner of the Pot Plant is at that time, will want to continue to make as much money as they possibly can in their for-profit business (see all the evidence here);
3.  In doing so it is highly likely that they’ll propose selling Pot directly from this facility (being able to market themselves as having the freshest Pot anywhere in the Philadelphia area since they grow it in the back) and they propose a smoking lounge (see the Holt’s Cigar store/distribution center on Townsend Road);
4.  Since the nice, new Poquessing Creek Trail provides a direct access from Dunks Ferry Road to McNulty Road (and a direct connection via the soccer fields, baseball fields, St. Anselm’s school and church and Junod Playground) this will serve as a Pot Path for people to use to buy and smoke Pot in Parkwood’s backyard.

NOW is the moment in time for the residents of Parkwood to oppose that particular use on that particular site because once the building is built there will not be another chance.  Don’t be fooled into believing that we can deal with whatever changes come later.  Pot will be legal and they will sell it out of the McNulty Road plant soon!

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