What’s Going On?

A 125,000-square-foot facility for growing marijuana (i.e. a Pot Plant) is proposed in the Parkwood neighborhood in the Far Northeast by a company founded by two children and a grandson of Ed Snider, the late founder of the Flyers.

The Pot Plant would be at 14515 McNulty Rd., near the Bucks County line, at the end of a cul-de-sac inside Byberry East Industrial Park and just at the end of the Poquessing Creek Trail that connects Dunks Ferry Road, and the Junod Playground, St Anselm’s school and church the the Parkwood Youth Organization’s soccer and baseball fields with McNulty Road.

What’s the Big Deal?

This is going to be a perfectly safe and secure virtuous marijuana manufacturer that will be providing a noble service to sick people, right? That’s TODAY what about TOMORROW? In case you’re not aware, the nationwide trend is not just for medical marijuana but fully-legal, publicly-available marijuana that’s for sale to everyone over a certain age just like alcohol and the problem with the proposed Parkwood Pot Plant is that because of the construction of our beautiful new Poquessing Creek Trail, this Pot Plant, which has a strong potential to one day be be fully legal and open to the public, is just a few minutes from our homes, playground, St. Anselm’s elementary school and church, our soccer fields and baseball fields.

Here’a a hint as to the strong likelihood that Pot will move from “medical” to fully legal from the person who wants to open the Parkwood Pot Plant, Lindy Snider who is the daughter of the Ed Snider who started the Philadelphia Flyers *, from this article:

Q. Do you expect recreational marijuana to be legalized in Pennsylvania anytime soon?

A. I know there’s a lot of people who would like to see that. And they’d like it sooner more than later. While that may be desirable, I don’t think the state will do that until they get comfortable. States usually start with medical marijuana and with stringent rules. As they become more comfortable and see it run smoothly, they’ll relax.

So it’s very reasonable to assume that sometime soon Pot will become fully legal and Lindy Snider and/or any future owner of the Parkwood Pot Plant are in it to make as much money as possible (Lindy said; “It’s a solid business decision” and “The revenue potential for the industry is boundless.” ) and when Pot is fully legal it is further very reasonable to assume that they’ll want to carve out maybe 1,000 sf for a retail store and, it’s also likely, a lounge to smoke.  To see how easily and likely this is see the Holt’s Cigar Company’s beautiful store with a walk-in humidor and smoking lounge at 12270 Townsend Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19154.  Again, since any owner is in business to make as much money as possible (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) a retail store and smoking lounge is a very high possibility as some point in the near future for this proposed Parkwood Pot Plant.

Further consider that, even if there are other retail stores selling Pot (maybe even in the Parkwood Shopping Center), the Parkwood Pot Plant could draw many people for hundreds of miles since they could advertise themselves as having the “Freshest Pot in the Entire Philadelphia Area” since they grow it themselves!  “From Picked to Pipe in One Week” Sold!

So our nice Poquessing Creek Trial would become the Parkwood Pot Path for pot smokers to use to traverse our nice neighborhood, playground, school, church, fields and homes to get to buy and/or smoke Pot.  Of-age buyers who just bought at the Pot Plant could use the Pot Path to sell to minors; “meet me at the bridge”.

With all of the above said the point of this site is NOT to discuss whether Pot should be legal or used for medical use or if the McNulty Road site should even be developed…the issue is:

That Particular Use on that Particular Site*

*However that use on any site on McNulty Road poses the same problems and it’s arguable that that use on any site in the Byberry East Industrial Park brings any extension of these particular problems too close to home and overall gives Parkwood an negative reputation as the Place to Buy Pot. Not good for home values!

A Summary of the Problem for Parkwood Residents

The essence of the problem with this Parkwood Pot Plant on McNulty Rd at the end of the playground’s Poquessing Creek Trail  is:

1.  In the very near future Pot in Pennsylvania will become fully legal (see all the evidence here);
2.  Whoever the owner of the Pot Plant is at that time, will want to continue to make as much money as they possibly can in their for-profit business (see all the evidence here);
3.  In doing so it is highly likely that they’ll propose selling Pot directly from this facility (being able to market themselves as having the freshest Pot anywhere in the Philadelphia area since they grow it in the back) and they propose a smoking lounge (see the Holt’s Cigar store/distribution center on Townsend Road);
4.  Since the nice, new Poquessing Creek Trail provides a direct access from Dunks Ferry Road to McNulty Road (and a direct connection via the soccer fields, baseball fields, St. Anselm’s school and church and Junod Playground) this will serve as a Pot Path for people to use to buy and smoke Pot in Parkwood’s backyard.
5.  So NOW is the moment in time for the residents of Parkwood to oppose that particular use on that particular site because once the building is built there will not be another chance. Don’t be fooled into believing that we can deal with whatever changes come later. Pot will be legal and they will sell it out of the McNulty Road plant soon!

Here’s a proper  analogy: Would we approve the proposal of a late-night bar/nightclub at the corner of Dunks Ferry and Mechanicsville Roads? Presumably we wouldn’t want that, even if they offered to pay $200,000 to the State and gave the Parkwood Civic Assoc. and the Parkwood You Organization each $100,000. It’s obvious that we wouldn’t want intoxicated people so very close to us and walking through our neighborhood, playground, school and driving through our streets. In the not-too-distant future there’s a very real possibility that people will be able to easily get high at a pot store/lounge and stroll through our neighborhood (not to mention sell to under-age kids).

What Can We Do About It?

According to the original Philly.com article, “A top criterion for consideration is the proposed facility’s impact on the surrounding community” so we have to Take Action and let the State know that we don’t approve of that use on that site since it’s so directly in our neighborhood because of the Trail (remember only us Parkwood residents really know of this connection and to an outsider it would seem as if the industrial park is separate from our residential neighborhood so we have to speak up!).


* To be perfectly clear it is the relatives of Ed Snider, the late founder of the Philadelphia Flyers, Lindy Snider, Jay Snider and Jay’s son Jamie Snider are who want to build the Pot Plant in our neighborhood and neither the Philadelphia Flyers nor Comcast Spectacor nor Comcast SportsNet are associated with sell or growing marijuana in Pennsylvania.